D    o    n    a    l    d        D    u    n    l    a    p

Welcome to DonaldDunlap.com. It's a piece of internet real estate that I can present whatever I wish to. There is not much here as far as content goes for the moment at least. I took down all of the stuff I previously had here. Why? I got bored with it. I will be adding new content whenever I feel inspired to do so. Check back occasionally and you may find a few things added. Don't expect a lot anytime soon. I'll mainly be posting links or other things I find interesting or useful. It will be a slow trickle but you never know what you may discover by checking back every now and then.
Any suggestions for additions to this site are welcomed. You'll have to notify me via Facebook to do so though.
Au revoir.


A FEW LINKS OF INTEREST (to me anyway)
Bands in Town (BandsInTown.com)
This is a great way to follow bands or artists as they tour. You can see when and where they may be playing in your area. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to use it without it requiring me to use a Facebook account. It's not a big deal though considering the site doesn't data mine or post on your FB page.

The image on the left depicts me doing research on a topic that I've been asked to do for someone.

The image on the right is a depiction of me presenting my research only to realize it was a huge waste of my valuable time. The "poke in the eye" represents the disrespect shown for my investment of time.

If you don't have a sense of humor about some of what I have on this site then